Limit laser power to match tube


I have a 130w tube with a cloudray 150w power supply. I’m using a RDC6445 controller and have found running the controller at 65% gives me the 26ma needed. How can I limit the power so that when I select 100% in lightburn it results in 26mA and 65% drive?
I have tried setting the min and max machine settings in lightburn however that didn’t seem to scale the power.

Many Thanks


The power supply has an adjustment pot at either the back or side of it. It just a small hole and a very small screw. I usually pull the power supply and turn the pot counter clock wise to turn power down. I turn it a turn at a time, reinstall the PSU and check it until 100 % in light burn gives me the Ma I am looking for. You may have to do this several times to dial in your setting. Good luck.

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