Limit sensors not working after controller change out

I’m having some trouble after replacing my TL-410 controller with a rudia controller. When I start the machine The laser head bashes in to the side of the gantry when it’s trying to go to home. like my limit switches are not working. Has any one had similar issues?

Pic 1 is a side by side comparison of the old 410 controller and my new one which looks a little messy after rerouting a few things, we have tried running the power to the limit sensors on both 24v and 5v with no luck. Thanks for your time :ok_hand:

Saw your question on FB first. I posted this there:

You don’t have limit switches in that machine, they are inductive proximity sensors. You need to supply each one with an excitation voltage and ground and the third wire is the signal to the controller.

The brown wire should be connected to +24V. The blue wire should be connected to GND. The black wire is the signal and should be connected to the limit signal input on the controller.

Currently, the blue wires are connected to +24V and the brown wires are connected to +5V. That means there is +19V going the wrong way through your prox. sensors. Hopefully, they have not been damaged.

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Thanks for that info. I had simmilar same issue … some times it worked, some times i got the banging on upper left … I made a “re wire” mistake … I commoned the the BLACK s … to “ground” and used the 2 blues to x-,y- and brn to +5 V
in the middle of sorting it out …

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