Limit switch for Z table

Running Smoothie on a Cohesion 3d laser board in my K40. I’m installing a Z table and would like to know where I should connect the limit switch plug on the board.

Thank you!
Doug Scott

I do have to wonder why you came to a software forum for help with the hardware you bought, though…

Oops! Actually meant to put it on the Cohesion site. I’m glad you answered, tho!

took me all of ten seconds with google “cohesion3d endstop”

You must have the magic touch - I found several limit switches to purchase, but the wiring diagram was somewhat buried.

Yeah. I guess it also learns what you look for - I look for a lot of electronic docs and pinouts.

I just tried the same thing on my Chrome browser and had to look for the damned thing.

Sorry, Doug.