Limit swith setup with 2 wire control board

I have a control board with two wire output and the switches are 3 wire. Is there a way to set this up?
These are them

This is the board

Most of these pull the input low when they become active.

The switch is labeled NO and NC, you want it to be NO (Normally Open) when not active… So you’d use Com (common) and NO.

Com to ground and NO to the control board pin.

Make sense?


Those are classic RepRap / Makerbot switches, so the additional wire provides +5 V power to light the LED and pull the output high. The green and black wires (in the product picture, which may not match the product shipped) will work without power on the red wire.

You can cut the three-pin Dupont connectors down to two pins with an Xacto knife and some delicate whittling.

When they fit, plug them in either way.

It ain’t elegant, but it’ll work.

Thanks for the help, with your help I got it figureed out.
Don’t use the red.
I have a JST Connector kit so cut the wire and added a two pin JST.
Configured Lightburn Grbl values $24, $25 and $27 so it homes to the corner I want with the speed I like.
Thanks for all the help. :grinning:

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