Line and fill on a fox alien 4040

I am new to lightburn but i have a problem with my fox alien 4040 which is filling a burn randomly, if i use line it is fine but if i use fill it puts the fill in random places, sorry i do not have any pictures but any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

The description is too vague to diagnose by itself. Would be best if you can get a photo to better understand what you’re dealing with. Can you confirm if the fill matches what you see in Preview or is it only a problem in the actual engraving?

It looks fine in lightburn, it is in the engraving

Based on the photo this looks like something mechanical. Do a comprehensive mechanical review of your machine but primarily check for proper belt tension and that the pinions for all stepper motors are properly secured.

The specific artifacts are a little odd but I suspect that may be due to the design. Can you upload the .lbrn file for review?

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Sorry but i didn’t keep the file because of the way it turned out, thanks

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