Line and Fill problem

Hi. I am having an issue I can’t figure out. On the attached, I want to fill the blue line and cut the red line, but looking at the preview, it is filling the entire circle. I cant figure this one out. Basically I want to cut out the outer circle and burn the image otherwise.

Thank you!

This may be due to needing to understand how LightBurn decides what to fill based on the edges or boundaries of closed shapes. You need to add an additional blue shape or circle to the outside to get the blue layer to fill as you’d like.

Have a read of this:

In particular, the “How do I invert (negate) a vector engraving?” part.

Under the ‘Cut/Layers’ tab, you should set all to ‘line’ if you want to engrave and cut. Blue should be reduced power to engrave only and red higher power lower speed to cut.

The blue circle you have running along the outside near the red cut circle is causing it to fill from there inward, if you want a small circular line engraved and running along the outside add another large blue circle right up near the one you already have if you don’t want a line there just erase the blue circle running around outside and your shapes should fill in. sorry if that seems confusing or if i have the wrong idea of what your trying to achieve.

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