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I am getting down to the nitty gritty, and my mouse may not have the fine adjustment to do this. I added a polygon as a tail to this cat. If you look closely at the top, bottom and inner curve of tail, I have a few bumps. I am using the Bézier curve tool, but I can’t get out the little bumps. I may re-adjust this thing a few times and create new curves. Is there a “smooth tool”
cat polygon.lbrn2 (29.1 KB)
that I am missing?

I had a quick look, if you use the edit nodes tool you can highlight over the nodes you don’t want and delete with the “d” key, that might help a bit.

This is a little smoother
cat polygon_RRU.lbrn2 (21.7 KB)

There is a smooth tool under EditOptimize selected shapes.

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Thank you for doing that. I was also told about the optimize tool.

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