Line engraving moves to the right each cycle

This is a little hard to explain so bear with me. I have a light burn file with 80 of the same shape. They are laid out 20 up and 4 across (20 rows, 4 columns). I will use the same light burn file multiple times in a row. Each time I run the engraver the engraving is maybe a 5mm more to the right than the previous cycle. I have a jig permanently fixed into the bed of the engraver so the material is not moving cycle to cycle. I am using a cheap no name engraver like in the link below. I suspect it is the encoders in the motors that are not able to accurately determine position. At least that is my suspicious. The engraver will not exhibit this issue when running a job with filled in shapes. It only happens when I change the light burn setting to line. Has anyone had this issue? Any remedy you know of other than buying a better laser?


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