Line engraving?

I was engraving some acrylic and doing both flood fill as well as outlining text. I was using the same power levels for both the flood fill and the outline. The problem that I have is, you can see every time the laser fired through the acrylic when doing the outline of the text. At the start point of each letter it almost pierces the acrylic. The rest of the line is perfect, it just appears to be we the laser fires to start the outline. I double checked the settings to make sure that there was not a dwell time on and there is not. What else should I check?

So your line layer’s Advanced tab looks like the circled area below?

Is your “min” power set to the same as “max”?

You will likely need the min power to be substantially less than max. Min power will be used when the laser first fires at the beginning of a letter (and is stopped or moving slowly) and the power will ramp up to max as the speed of the laser head ramps up to requested speed.

yes, that is what my advanced tab looks like

@Hank Yes I have the min and max set the same at 8%. I will try lowering the min

Wait… you have a 100w machine. At only 8%, you shouldn’t be almost cutting through acrylic. I recommend that you check your Laser PSU calibration. Referenced links here:

It only almost pierces through acrylic if I try to do a “line” and usually only when the laser first fires. When I do “filling” at 8% it works fine.

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