Line function problem

I’ve been cutting 3mm acrylic all week with no issues using 5mm/speed and 25% power on my Ruida machine, but yesterday the settings I’ve been using falled to cut through. My initial thought was my focal lens needed cleaning, which I did, but the problem continued. While doing some tests trying to cut a square, I used the pulse setting on the machine, which is set at 21%power, and the beam went through with no problem. As a further test, I loaded the test square into RDWorks which cut it out just like normal. Nothing has been changed within Lightburn, but it appears from these results that something in Lightburn is behind the problem. Could it be possible that somehow my installation has gotten corrupted? Or is there something else I should look at before doing a re-install?

One other thing, probably unrelated, but my Material library has been disappearing when I close out the program. I have a backup copy I use to re-install, but could this possibly be another indication my install has been corrupted?

You only have listed “Blue and white generic 50 watt” as your machine but from your post I suspect you have a Ruida controller in your machine.

That took care of the problem, thank you for such a quick reply!

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