Line Interval Test not working

I have a Ortue Master 15 watt. In Laser Tools, I’m trying to run a Line Interval Test.

Speer 800 mm/m. Min. Intervall .0028
Power 90 Max Interval .0059
Steps 5 Size .30

If I try more than Size 30 the laser will not run. At 30 or less framing works, but when I go to burn, the laser makes a quick jerk and stops. After that happens, I have to turn off the Laser and restart. Seems to lock up and and nothing works to include the fire button until I reboot the laser.

Warning says laser stopped and to right click the device button


Your interval is much too small. A common (good) diode laser has a size of 0.08, most lasers above 5W have 0.1 to 0.2 mm spot size. Maybe your line width causes too much computation. Change the interval from 0.06 to 0.1.
There is no 15W laser module, this might be the electrical power, so your module has maybe 4W optical output.

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[quote=“misken, post:2, topic:143104”]
Change the

Do you mean to change the .0059 to 0.1?

Yes, Min. Interval to 0.06 (or higher) and Max Interval to 0.1. That should cover the interval size of your laser. You can also use 0.04 to 0.12 if you want to have more. Step size 0.02.


Made all the changes but laser just quick ly jogs and stops

Do you get any output in the console window?