Line Overlap Issue

Hey All! Recently purchased a 60 watt chinese laser with a ruida controller. Using lightburn. I have tried some test items on 1/8 plywood. Basically getting a feel for filling, doing lines, and also cuts. When I am doing a line in the wood, no cut just a line, I find I am getting burn marks at the point where the laser stops and starts. So there seems to be overlap or something. I have attached images showing what I mean. Does that have to do with the speed setting being to high or is there a different setting I would adjust for this? My settings on the lines in these images are 250/18% power.

Thank you in advance for the input!

That is from setting the Min Power value too high.

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Thank you Oz! Will give that a whirl. I know in some previous tests when I had say 10% Min and 50% Max, it seemed to only be using the Min, even at higher speeds. I will have to do more reading on the Min and Max and sort it out. Thanks again for your help!