Line through lettering

Does anyone know why I would be getting this random line going through lettering. Laser head is cleaned and it only does it with font. Images are all fine. Ideas?

There are several lines, none of which extend across the entire image. In general, they affect one side of a character, not the other side a few millimeters away, and exactly follow the wood grain.

I think you’re looking at natural variations in the wood, where some parts of the grain simply don’t react to the laser power level in use.

For a quick check, engrave the same pattern with the same wood placed at an angle on the platform. If the unburned parts are aligned with the wood, rather than the laser scanning path, it’s the wood.

My first thought was grain also…

I think even a diode laser should have some effect when it’s slightly out of focus.

There are also reproduced curves in the bottom of the aberration… marked in red.


I doubt that grain is >0.4mm in depth… That should not leave an unaffected line… I don’t think…


Possibly run in flood fill while experiencing mechanical issues.

I’d suggest looking at overtensioned belts on the Y-axis.

The top of the l and apostrophe have nearly (possibly exact) same wavy profile as the lower edge on the gaps. The letters appear to have the top 5% or so clipped and show perfectly straight…without the wavy edge. I don’t believe this is material or mechanical.

Have any other fonts you can show us?

What does this look like in preview?

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