Line won't select for Node Editing

Trying to select a line to edit with nodes but it’s not allowing me to select it. Using the pointer and the selection tool, it can be moved and it doesn’t seem to be any duplicate hiding underneath it. I would like to use node option to modify, trim some of the lines but not having any success. Picture and file included. He highlighted line is the line I"m having issues with. Thanks in advance.

Test for Forum.lbrn2 (372.2 KB)

Typically when something like this happens it’s because the object is grouped. Try ungrouping, potentially multiple times, and see if you can edit.

[EDIT] - I didn’t change anything yet was able to get line edit mode for everything I selected.

By the way, the line didn’t seem to follow the shape that you drew so may be part of the challenge.

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The line is selectable, you just have an identical line on top of it that isn’t selected, so it appears to stay solid. Click the Edit Nodes button after selecting it and you can drag the nodes around and see that there’s a duplicate.

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Thanks all. I thought I tried all of this already. Sometimes Lightburn is so logical and my brain doesn’t work that way. I’m learning a process to my editing in changing the way/order I do things. I’m finding that is very helpful. I’m trusting the responses that I’m getting and promises that this WILL get easier… eventually.

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