Lines across my burns

Can someone tell me why the lines(the heavy ones) are showing up in this burn and what I can do eliminate them. They also showed up in a couple of other ones. These are being burned on 40 speed and 80% power on white tiles using a Yourhome 6550 with a 15 watt laser.

Thank you in advance!


Please post an image or two showing what you are expressing. Hard to tell from your wording. :slight_smile:

As a side, when sharing settings, keep in mind “40” is not a speed, it is just a number. 40 MPH, or 40 mm/sec are speeds. You need to include the remaining parts, distance over time, to be a speed setting that folks can understand. :slight_smile:

OOPS!! Forgot to do that didn’t I. :laughing: Here they are.

Okay got it. I should have said “my settings are 40 in/min with 80% power”. Correct?

Thank you. Share a screen capture of the Preview window as a comparison. Zoom in to a location where you observe these lines in the final output, so we can look at both. What is the source art for this project, vector or image? If an image, did you process or edit this prior to using in LightBurn? Looking at the edges of this art, are they supposed to have waves?

The picture where it is basically a line drawing where you see a wavy edge is really the left hand edge of the picture. I moved it to the left so it would not show but I didn’t get it far enough over.
Hope these pictures help you.

Rick, I have to go know. I will be back online tomorrow.


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