Lines appearing that aren't in artwork!

I’ve just had these random lines appear on an engraving that has since worked fine without any changes! What could cause this to happen just out of the blue and only on one job?

Any input appreciated. Thanks

It looks like some type of mechanical shift. Examining your output you can see there the pattern is shifted to the left. Close attention shows it’s also doing it to the right. I’m assuming you have enabled bi-directional scanning…

This is usually a loss of steps, but unless it re homes, it can’t recover.

I’d think it’s a mechanical issue, rather than software.

Check the pulley grub screws … Sometimes they can wear a slot… although I would have thought you would have seen it developing…

It just shows signs of being mechanical since it recovers… the loss of steps can recover in mid layer…


Thanks for taking the time to answer Jack, much appreciated.

I cut 10 of the same design today without changing any settings whatsoever, but just that one, which was the second of the batch had the lines on it!

I’ll check belt tension etc to see if I can spot anything.


Where is the ‘bad’ one in relation to the other nine?

Can you drop a screenshot of the preview…?


Here’s the preview.

The bad one was the second one I did in the batch.

I don’t see ten items?

Don’t zoom it… lets see the layout of the whole work piece. :thinking:


Ah…sorry Jack, see what you mean. They were individual pieces, so 10 seperate jobs, not 1 sheet with ten items on.

Does make a difference on problem determination…

Did you ensure there are no mechanical issues? This doesn’t look like any kind of hard/software issue, more like something is randomly slipping…

Since it occurs the opposite direction also, I have to stick with it being mechanical issues…

I don’t know where I’d look for a software issue. If it loses steps it will be ‘off’ for the rest of the job, until you home it… This is not occurring… The software just tells the controller what to do, it’s up to it to execute the instructions.

You sure shouldn’t see an issue in one out of 10…


Thanks for your thoughts. I will check all the belts and pulleys when I’m in the workshop. :+1: