Lines between cuts on path

Every time I cut a project, the laser puts power out on the cut path, showing the lines on the product. I’m not sure which settings I need to alter. Thanks!

Welcome and thanks for the post. The movement lines don’t turn off because you don’t have laser mode enabled, or possibly because your spindle max setting ($30) doesn’t match the setting in LightBurn 1000 is the default in LightBurn and in GRBL, but some software changes it. You can see your GRBL settings by typing $$ in the console and pressing enter. This is what they all mean:

Share your grbl settings and we can go from there.

Thank you! Here are my settings:





































How would I enable laser mode?

Thank you, it now says $32=1, is that correct?

Yes, if you want to set Laser Mode to ON.

Great! It worked, thanks for the support!

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