Lines between vectors

I have a grbl controlled laser diode plotter chinese made 40w 450nm. The problems is when I am making a cut or engrave the laser leave traces between shapes. What can I do.

To help you find answers to your inquiries in the fastest possible way, try the search tool found at the top-right of every page on the forum first. Many of the topics have been covered in detail previously, but the search team may be the challenge here. The burning you are seeing are known as “traversal lines”. Bunch of posts on the subject including our FAQ.

I made a post about this just yesterday that should help. Have a read and please update as to how you get on.

I try to change $322 to 1 and ok appear on the console but when I read again the value turn to 0

Could this be the issue? :wink: $32=1 not $322. Or is that a typo?

Excuse me. Idid $32. I make a mistake typing on the post

The value doesn’t change to 1. Turn to 0 everytime

Odd, though we have seen custom firmware reset to some default upon reboot. What controller are you using to drive this unit?

A chinese grbl controller 2 axis

Looks like you have had some success. What software did you use to burn the material I see under the laser?

Let me go back a bit, I should have asked at the beginning. What firmware and version are you using on this board? I see you list grbl above, but I want to confirm this official open-source public grbl, and not a custom version of some such.

Have you been able to adjust other firmware settings on this board before, and have then stick? Revising after asking the team here…, we have seen some boards lock firmware from changes which could be what you are seeing.

Well. I had to upgrade the firmware to the official version. Then I change the configuration of grbl to match with the values of old custom firmware but making $32=1 and that’s it.

So, to confirm, you have updated firmware on this board? To which version of grbl? If you are using an official grbl release, you should be able to change any setting from the LightBurn console and through the interface provided under ‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’.

Machine Settings

Opens an editor that allows reading and writing firmware settings from supported controllers.

Thank you. Great software, great support team. Now my laser cut and engrave like a co2. Of course after a thousand runs and a few mods. Air assist ( home made from an old freezer compresor) and a inox grill(from a kitchen furnace)

Yeah. I have updated firmware to the last release official grbl

Thank you for that update. I think you are saying you were able to get the Laser Mode ($32) changed to ON, and it stuck. Did I understand correctly, I would like to mark this resolved if so.

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