Lines don’t match in rotary

Hoping someone has a solution! I’ve worked out my steps on my rotary to be 2,970 but when I engrave a cup, the image tilts. I did a complete line around the glass and found where the line meets is about 10mm off.

If you’re only moving in Y, your bottle is moving in X on the rollers. Is it up against a stop roller, or just sitting on the two long rollers?

Yeh it sounds like your roller or object are askew. As Dave01 says, if the line is square in your lightburn file, then the head will be stationary during the cut. If the bottle rolls fully round and ends up on a different location, then the deviation must be in your rollers.

Thank you Steven and Dave - after playing with everything I realized I just didn’t have the rotary perfectly perpendicular which is why I had a cm difference. I appreciate your responses!

A lot of guys will take a scrap of something that didn’t cut properly, and make a square that is true to put against their registration edge as a reference for the rotary mech.

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