Lines gone from smooth to wavy overnight

Hi All, hope you are having a better Monday than me! im having an issue with my laser where every cut is jagged and wavy,

Belt Tension seems fine,
All mirrors are super clean
Alignment is perfect,
Lens does have a dark spot on it ( awaiting arrival of new lens) would this cause the photos below?
Controller is a ruida
Wattage is 80w (chinese so more like a 60w)
Media is 3mm Acrylic
Speed is 15m/s
Power is 45% (this usually produces lovely clean cuts at this depth)

This is what im getting:

i have noticed some condensation on the main tube lens so i have (very carefully) swabbed that away, i put this down to using a fridge to cool my water so the first startup is below the dew point, i have swiftly upgraded to a chiller and keep it at a constant 20*C, lens is now crystal clear but problem persists and im pulling out my hair as i have a weekend of orders to complete!

any advice or tips would be MUCH appreciated!

Ok im not going to delete my post as i deserve to be mocked but turns out the lens was loose… I know I know! cutting like a champ now ! happy week ahead all!

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Haha… I was just going to suggest lens loose in holder. Because… BTDT.

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I know how you’re feeling!

Many moons ago, I replaced my mirror retaining rings with 3D printed versions that have “handles” making it easier to remove and replace. I was recently having peculiar problems that sort of pointed to loose grub screws, but quickly discovered that my homespun retainers had loosened on two mirrors. The mirrors would tilt into position on one movement, and out of position on another movement. I was pretty happy that the cost was simply troubleshooting.

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Free is always good, although today cost me a few hundred pounds in a chiller unit but that upgrade was a long time coming anyway :slight_smile:

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Good excuse, the money was probably well spent :slight_smile:


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