Lines in 3d engraving

Can anyone explain what’s happening hereing I’m a newbie and this is my first 3d engraving. Looking for ANY help :melting_face:

Hi Jeffrey,
That’s not bad for somebody just starting out. Some of the issues you have could be caused by the material itself. What is it made of?

typical brass coin 40mm

Can you give us some specifics, like the settings on the layer…

If you don’t mind posting the .lbrn2 file, I could try it on my machine. However, I think it’s something in the configuration of the artwork or settings… At least I’d start there.


did I forget to include something?

Looks good to me… I’ll have to think on it…


should I choose raster/photo details instead of general/black deep? Does it matter?

I think I’d go for engrave over depth. What are the settings for engrave?

You are doing 3dslice… I’d call it an engraving.


thanks, I’ll try that :thinking:

I’ll answer the settings I use for engraving a bit later

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