Lines in engraving text

Hi All

I have a K40 laser that I have just changed from the stock controller to a Mini Gerbil.
Previously I was using Inkspace with K40whisper. I was happy with the performance of K40whisper but wanted more features hence the upgrade.

I am now pulling my hair out with the quality of engraving on Acrylic and MDF.

Below is a photo of what I am use to with my stock setup

But despite changing many settings and researchig online I can not get anywear near as smooth engrave with Lightburn.

Below is the results of MDF

Below is Acrylic

I have tried a mixture of power, speed and line interval settings with no major increase in quality.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve the quality?

Set this to 400 Lines per inch or higher

Hi Andreas

I have tried increasing the lines per inch to 400 and even 600 with no major increase.

the acrylic has been processed with too much power.

is the mdf bad with 600 lines per inch?

MDF is less noticeable.
I have reduced the power and adjusted the speed with only a small improvement.

Below is the settings used

This gave the following results

I quickly did that 1cm big

Hi Andreas thank you for your help so far.

I can see on your engraving there is still visible lines.
Is there anyway to remove them?

the lines are there because I was very precisely in the focus point with a 1.5" Lens, if you go further away with the focus point, the point gets bigger, so the lines run into each other.

Hi Andreas

I looked at all the Gcode settings for my controller and noticed $110 (x axis speed) was set far higher than the Y axis. I reduced the speed and now the engraving matches your attemp and is much more consistent.

I will try offsetting the focus to remove the lines.
I’m truly grateful for your support on this issue.
Thank you very much.