Lines/in vs line interval

Seems Lines/ inch should be labeled Dots per inch. Just sayin.

So, when I’m engraving text, which comes out as just lines, you think it should be called dots because … reasons?

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Well, the crazy thing is that I saw the Label on the 1st box “Line Interval (mm)” and thought the Second box “Lines Per Inch” was somehow a pulse rate, forgetting also that they were locked to each other. So, please disregard : )

adding, that in effect, the final result of engraving is an array of dots and not really lines.

Non dithered engraving seems pretty much to be horizontal lines separated by a gap in Y, so “lines per” sounds right to me:-)



The laser is pulsed> dots. Noticeable if you go fast enough. Noticeably thinner if you go faster or use less power as the highest energy part of the beam is in the center

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