Lines of shape goes wrong when set at high speed with Gweike Cloud Pro

Faster than you ever need to run. This is the maximum speed this can (or can’t) run. It doesn’t sound like it’s capable of this speed from your description.

Without seeing/hearing it, it sounds like it’s missing steps, the magnetic fields are moving faster than the motors mechanics parts can respond.

If you’re exceeding 300 - 400mm/s I’m wondering what you’re doing…

Depending on what you’re doing, it’s likely it’s never actually attaining these speeds.

Besides the job will likely run slower even at these speeds.

Both of these are 50x100mm rectangles. Left is at 1000mm/s right is 500mm/s. The slower 500mm/s completes in 3:47, the 1000mm/s completes in 7:08

The green box is actually the working area, since it’s being exceeded, the Ruida would generate a slop error.

Make sense?