Lines on exactly half of my rotary engravings

Has anyone experienced this with their rotary? I centered the rotary and kept spacing it differently to make sure it wasn’t a centering issue. Testing using a thick line (changing the spacing), one half will have very bad engraving full of lines the other side smooth

enough without visible lines at 10x. Is this a setting/software issue?

Is that a 10w diode? What kind of metal are you engraving??

No, it’s a 60w jpt mopa fiber. This is a silver ring

Please share your settings, rotary setup screen, etc. Looks like a split way to big like 8mm-10mm but just guessing.
Question: These patterns were intended to only go part way around, correct?

Yes, only intended to go part way around, just doing testing. I have some designs that I regularly engrave on rings and I was using cross hatch but it goes WAAAYYY faster if I don’t have to use that, but then I get lines. Will be doing some more tests, but if anyone has ideas on why this could be happening I would be very grateful!

You should never use cross hatch on a chuck rotary unless you have a bunch of small objects and fill individually. Then it’s pretty fast.
Was your split size 0.020 on your test ring? Reason I ask I see your cursor is positioned in the split size field.
You could try a split of 0.115 and a line interval of 0.023 on your next test if using the same ring diameter.

Thank Al, i will try that out! Yes, my split size on the ring is 0.02. I think in one of the laser everything videos he had said to set your split size to the same as your line spacing. That said I’ve been doing a lot of sleuthing and that doesn’t sound like the case. I appreciate your response!

All good fun.
If you set your split to line increment, the rotary accelerates, decelerates over a very small distance, laser scans one line, lather rinse repeat. Takes a long time. . Plus your rotary probably doesn’t stop at exactly 0.020.
I like to divide the steps into the circumference, that gives me the distance the rotary moves with each microstep, and use multiple of that for split, and divisor of the split for the line increment. That’s where those numbers above i gave you came from.

Using @Albroswift split size based on rotation of your rotary, you can speed things up by adding in the effective depth of focus (dof) of your lens. If you have enough dof to go partially around the ring, that increased split size will allow your job to run faster.

I do this, speeds things up a lot… Oz advised on how split size operates with a rotary.


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Thank you everyone for giving me a direction to go in! After several tests here are the settings I landed on, giving me clean engravings much faster as well


Sounds good. When you complete your project I would go back to the split if I was you and do some experimenting, I would only use that small a split if I was doing stainless steel with line intervals in the 0.005 range.

Silver ring, splits around 0.135 IIRC

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Niiiice, nice ring! Yes, I did quite a bit of experimenting and thats where I landed for the best quality and now I’m getting clean engraves without any lines not getting engraved

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