Lines on rect or circles not smooth

Lines on circles and rect. not smooth. Belts and rails all good. Engraving pics looks ragged. Really

Pictures always help the rest of us see what you’re seeing and perhaps make useful suggestions.

Set Scanning Offset Adjustment properly. Honest.

Found the problem. Fixed it. Back in business. What a nightmare. Finally! I am now running both laser machines to try to get caught up. Way Cool!


It would be helpful to everyone if you’d share what problem you found and how you solved it, because … well, that’s how we all learn from each other.

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Did that but would be happy to do again. I have an 80 watt I ordered with rotory setup and didn’t realize they put a relay in to switch the Y off making it not necessary to disconnect it for use. After pulling most of what’s left of my hair I discovered in a dark place the relay. I checked it and it showed some heat effect on three of the pins. It took me a while to examine the socket and I saw melted plastic and saw that the sockets had shorted. It was totally unknown to me how the system worked so it took many hours to finally trace the issue to the relay. I ordered and replaced the relay and socket. Back in business. There was nothing, as usual, with Chinese products about this feature.
The Y motor was getting signals not intended and it simply had no rhyme or reason in it’s travel.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


Now, that is downright ugly!

It looks like they’re hot-switching the stepper motors, which is both not a good idea and not at all surprising.

Thanks for wrapping up the topic and I really hope nobody else has that problem!

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