Lines or objects for reference

I want to draw the base of a Christian cross that is an oval. Then I want to have text that follows that curve. I do not want the oval (elipse) to engrave. How do I set it up so that the oval is for my information and not something that will be engraved. Yes, I am so new to this I am not sure I even have a grasp of the basic language needed to ask a simple question.

You just set any object or objects you want solely for reference to a layer different than the other objects. Then in your layer window, turn off output.

I will save this reply as I do not have Lightburn on my laptop. If I read this correctly I need to select the ellipse and change the setting. I think I understand. Thank you

You can also just use the new “Bend” feature for text, as this doesn’t require a path to attach to at all.

Otherwise Jeff is correct - just put the curve on its own layer and set that layer not to output.

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