Lines per inch question

What settings for lines per inch produces a nice clean scan in mdf?

I assume the more lpi the higher the quality?

To a point, higher is better, but it depends on what you’re doing.

Laser beams have width, and this is a combination of the lenses you use and the tube type and power. My 100w probably has a 0.18mm wide beam. Most 40’s are around 0.1mm, so if you go lower than that for interval, your lines start to overlap.

If it’s a vector scan with curves, higher can be better, even though the lines overlap. 254 (the default in LightBurn) gives good general results, and 350 to 500 can make for very crisp curved edges.

If you’re scanning an image, the overlap can mess up the shading, so going higher DPI (lower interval) makes the lines overlap more and can make the image look significantly worse.

Thanks for the info!

Somehow my setting was around 100 it looked bad . Good to know about the default settings too!