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Ram .lbrn (99.1 KB)

Hi there,
I traced this image in Lightburn, and when I ungroup the original image I notice that the belly isn’t connected to the rest of the body. I feel as though I’ve tried everything but I can’t make these lines connect. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

I just tried the first best and found 2 places where the lines are not together. You have to make your animals and follow the line to where it is no longer active and enlarge the picture a lot to see the problem.

Skærmbillede 2021-03-08 kl. 18.33.06 Skærmbillede 2021-03-08 kl. 18.32.44

I had the same problem with your file. What I ended up doing was:

  1. Export to a SVG file.

  2. Open the SVG file.

  3. Select all and Arrange>Break Apart

  4. Select all and Edit>Auto-join selected shapes

why do you export file ?, it works directly with the lbrn file

One of the shapes in the original LBRN file wouldn’t auto connect, but it did when I exported and imported a SVG file.

I can’t seem to zoom in enough to see these problems. from my end everything looked great. how do you zoom in so much?

Thank you so much, this did the trick!!

  1. Select shape
  2. ALT+B
  3. Select shape again
  4. ALT+J


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I just scroll a lot with the mouse wheel

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