Lines showing in engraving

I keep having an issue where lines are appearing in the middle of my engravings. I’ve tried to change some of my rotary settings and speed and lines per inch but I can’t figure it out. I’ve also tried converting it to a bitmap to see if anything changed and unfortunately they didn’t. I didn’t used to have this problem before, and I don’t believe I’m doing anything different from before.

Here is the file for it too.
Lines in Engraving.lbrn2 (66.4 KB)

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Seems like your Lines Per Inch settings are absurdly high. This is likely causing overburning which may be what’s creating the lines in your engraving.

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Ok, I will try lowering them first thing tomorrow. My issue now is I’ve had that setting set that high for a while now, though, and have had no issues before.

I’m still having the same issues, I progressively lowered the lines per inch all the way down to 200 and it made it worse actually. I’m not sure what to do.

You may have gotten lucky with a value that wasn’t causing visible artifacts at the time but in either case, I guarantee you weren’t getting an actual 2540 Lines per Inch from your setup.

Run an interval test. Not sure how well the LB built-in one will work on a rotary, however. You may need to do it manually. Run the interval large enough so that you can see clear unburned gaps between lines. Between that point and sometime after the gaps disappear is where you’ll probably want to be.

The other consideration is try defocusing. May leave a less pronounced mark. I suggest doing this after you determine ideal line interval.

I’m still having the same issues, I’ve tried the interval test, and it didn’t get much better.

What did you learn from the interval test? Can provide any analysis as to what occurred? What new information can be gleaned from the test?

Can you post the test here?

Did you try defocusing test as well?

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