Lines too small to engrave?

Hey all,

I’m having an issue with engraving detailed illustrations. With this specific design, it seems it will engrave with no issues when enlarged to a certain point. But when shrunken down, the “fill areas” begin to break apart and I get the error “2 shapes were set to fill, but weren’t closed.” My line interval is already at 0.06 mm and lowering it doesn’t seem to do anything. Any ideas? Thanks.

Screenshot 2021-01-22 095339

Why are you trying to fill something that’s just lines? Switch it to Line mode and the job will run much faster.

You’re also using quite an old version of LightBurn. The current releases add a 3rd button to that pop-up that will show you which shapes aren’t properly closed, and it includes better tools for closing open shapes.

I’m trying to emulate something like the picture below. Very detailed illustrations. It looks like their lines are engraved rather than cut lines to me at least. Also, I’ll definitely look into the newer version.

If you lower the Interval setting (or increase the DPI / Lines per inch value) it will catch more of the small details in Fill mode, so that will also help.

I gave it a shot and went all the way down to an interval of .01 but still got an error message. I’m just not sure how they can do very detailed lines like that in the picture I posted. Could the artwork lines just be too small for what I’m wanting?

Honestly if you just set it to ‘Line’ mode that is likely going to give you the best result. Make sure that you adjust your Min Power setting - it should be just above the power that makes your laser fire. It’s also quite likely that your file has duplicated or overlapping shapes in it, based on the way that it is shown in the preview.

I’ll give that a try, thanks. Also, you were right about the lines being duplicated. Any idea as to why that’s happening?

Most likely the file started as an Illustrator file, and had both stroke and fill colors applied. If you use both, it exports the shape twice - once for the fill, and once for the outline stroke, so just use one or the other.

I believe it started as an .eps that I saved as an .svg and imported into inkscape. Although I did make it stroke colors only, it still duplicated lines when I imported into lightburn.

LightBurn only reads the data present in the file, so the SVG itself would have the duplicates in it.

I see. I think this file is just a lost cause due to it not originally being set up how I needed. I’ll still have to see if doing a cut line is viable though. Thanks for your help anyway!

If its having trouble as a vector file, convert it to a raster. Also, bump up that resolution. Id try saving the original as a png and go about it again.

Vector files do not have a “resolution”, so they’re actually a better choice for small details like this.

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