Lining up switch labels on pre-cut panels

Hi all, newbie question… I have an electronic panel design that has been cut out of wood with a CNC machine. It contains holes for switches and pots. I now want to laser etch the labels. How do I line it up? Do I make 2 images - one for the cutout shape and one for the label text?

As a start, how about 2 layers in the one Lightburn file - set the layer with the cutout shapes to show, but not output, and the layer with the text labels to show AND output.

Hi, I make the file with Aspire, and then I export it to svg. From lightburn I open the svg file and set the laser.
A perfect job comes out.

If you can get the CNC file to put into Lightburn, you could put a stiff piece of paper on the bed, cut the holes that the CNC did, then align your wood to the holes and do the label layer on the wood. Remember to focus again once you put the wood down.

Good idea. Thanks for that!

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