Linking leter in text

I’m pretty new to Lightburn. I’m trying to engrave some text on some coated aluminum. The engraving part is going well, good power and speed settings after some testing. However, all the text I put in gets linked - the laser isn’t getting turned off when traveling from the end of one letter to the beginning of the next. I’ve included a sample below that shows it - you can see it links near the bottom of each letter, then there’s a large one when it finishes the word and goes back to dot the i.

Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere that would prevent this so each letter would stand on its own?

This is worth review:

That did it! I knew it would be something simple. Thanks for the quick reply!

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Glad to hear this helped sort your issue. Please mark ‘Solved’, helps with the search results, so others might find easier in the future. :wink:

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