Linux 32-bit (WINE?)

Is anyone running the 32-bit Windows version with WINE (or some other way)?

I want to move from Windows to Linux, but the garage computer is 32-bit.

There’s a linux native version.

It’s 64-bit, not 32-bit.

Oh I see. I wonder what the issue is with releasing a 32-bit linux version. Have you thought about upgrading your computer? I’m sure you could find a cheap x64 laptop or PC that would run it just fine.

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There’s nothing wrong with the current computer, other than being 32-bit and running Windows. It would be nice to move things over to Linux, but if it won’t then no problem.

The issue is that we’d be maintaining it for about 5 people. :slight_smile:

As it stands, Linux accounts for just over 1 percent of our users. I expect 32 bit would be a fraction of that.

or $25 + shipping for a 64bit laptop…

@thx There’s no technical reason that we couldn’t do a 32-bit Linux version, however our Linux user-base is very small so it wasn’t really worth also generating a 32 bit release. And Linux was one of the earliest adopters of 64-bit so in general there’s very few people running 32-bit at this point. I generally hate to suggest new hardware but I kind of agree with @Blake - primarily because any system that’s still 32 bit only is likely pretty old and even a cheap x64 PC or laptop would likely give you a decent performance boost in LightBurn.
And I can confirm that a bunch of stuff doesn’t work with LB in WINE. Too many low level hardware access things that don’t really translate well.

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I wasn’t asking about making a 32-bit Linux version.

I asked if the 32-bit Windows version works under WINE.

It’s a very simple yes/no question.

I believe it was this which helped people to try and offer other solutions than running via WINE.

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Ahhh - apologies for that. I have never tried it, so I couldn’t say.

I tried but couldn’t get it working, but I didn’t try very hard because the computer was filled with hardboard dust from resizing sheets of hardboard for the laser (despite having good air filtering in the workshop) and so the computer would need to be replaced anyway.

I’ll be getting a cheap fanless computer to replace it.

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