Linux click apprun?

The “terrible” comment was a bit tongue in cheek - I did the work to port it, and would like to support it better in the future as a way of helping myself learn Linux. It’s lighter weight than Windows and tends to run better on older / slower systems as well.

I’m very new to Linux, and their dependency management trips me up a lot still, but I’m learning.

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I have done my first install of ubuntu.
I can not believe you have to enter cryptic commands in a terminal program to install software! All I want to do is change my desktop theme, or even just colours, and I had to install a tweak utility! Wouldn’t you think that would be built in?

Any way, probably early to make a solid opinion…

Not everyone wants to change their background. Linux is sort of a workhorse for some (most?) people. Plus they might not want to show favoritism towards a certain utility.

The default install was orangish text on a yellowish background. Barely readable.