Linux mint debian edition screen size

I work with a laptop under linux mint debian edition.
The LightBurn window is not fully displayed on my screen. My screen resolution is: 1366X768.
I have the latest lightburn version.
How can I resize LightBurn for my setup?
Thank you for your patience.
Have a lovely day everybody.

Please explain what this means. Please describe this in greater detail and/or provide a screenshot so we can “see” what you are saying.

Download the latest release (0.9.15) just out today. Use the ‘Toolbar Icon Size’ slider to reduce the size of the icons and palette bar, and that should help. You can also adjust the font size, and if that still isn’t enough, you might have to re-stack the right side windows on top of each other, instead of having two of them visible. LightBurn will work on a 768 high display, but it’s easier to work with on a larger monitor.

Hi Oz,
Tank you for your reply. LightBurn work very well.
Thank you very much. Best regards.