Linux Mint screen size

I realise there was another post on this, but have found a Linux solution.

With LightBurn 0.9.20 … reducing the icon sizes and font sizes does not help very much. When I installed LightBurn on Linux Mint 20.1 (Cimmaron 64-bit) the window was bigger than the screen, so I could not do anything … not even see any of the edges of the window.

So, I went here: Add screen resolution 1920x1080 permanently - Linux Mint Forums . This Mint support page shows how to change the resolution of the screen. The page shows how to create a small executable text file that changes the resolution when you run it.

It is a bit distorted (wider than it should be) but I can now see everything in LightBurn and can adjust the icons to ‘normal’.

The good thing is … when you reboot, the resolution is set back to default, so I just run the file when using LightBurn.

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