Linux Thumbnail Solution

Hello, I created a thumbnailer for linux, I tested it only on my work pc, Ubuntu 24.04 with gnome.

For anyone who is interested I leave the repository, please any questions or comments, or improvements, it would be good to let me know.

I hope it helps, I look forward to your comments


Can’t do it now, but I’ll try it by end of day tomorrow…

Thanks… It’s appreciated.


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parcero, eres un puto crack. te agradezco muchisimo.
funciona de maravilla. :love_you_gesture:

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Gracias hermano! Me falta hacerlo funcionar en kde plasma que trabaja de manera distinta.

Modo tecnico ON
Pero esto seria mas facil si los desarrolladores aparte de guardar la miniatura en el archivo lbrn2, directamente la guardan en la carpeta ~/.cache/thumbnails/large/ donde el nombte de archivo el la URI del mismo hasheada en md5 seguido de .png
De esa manera funciona en cualquier GNU/Linux
Modo tectico OFF

Thank you brother! I need to make it work in kde plasma that works differently.

Technical mode ON
But this would be easier if the developers, apart from saving the thumbnail in the lbrn2 file, directly saved it in the ~/.cache/thumbnails/large/ folder where the file name is the URI of the file hashed in md5 followed by .png
That way it works on any GNU/Linux
Tectic mode OFF

So far so good :exploding_head:

Looks great!

Thanks, I will book mark these on my browser and in Lightburns’ Discourse…

Nice upgrade, thanks so much :pray:

Is it difficult to add another format? Such as dxf…


It didn’t work for me, but I’m not good at Linux either. I used the “automatic installation” on my work computer with Linux Ubuntu 24.04.
When I have time I will try again, nevertheless I want to thank you for your efforts.

I used the automated steps also… Did you get an error message?

This allows you to exectute the shell script.

chmod +x install

The following step was missing… did you enter this, from the installed directory …


It’s really a nice addition/solution … we’ll try to help you to get it working…


Exactly as @jkwilborn said, I’m missing a line, the correct line is this

Otherwise nothing is installed, it was my mistake in the instructions

Thank you. @Rick posted it internally to the Dev team about 12 hours ago.

This looks fantastic.

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@gnukleo , @jkwilborn Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try this evening :+1: :+1:

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I have the nice LightBurn logo on all lbrn2 files, but none of the files show content as a small preview like the one in @jkwilborn picture. But, I don’t have that on my Mac OS either, so I haven’t really noticed it.

To make sure everything is set up and you don’t miss any dependencies, run the following command in any folder with a Lightburn file -i test.lbrn2 -o test.png

Replace the test.lbrn2 filename with a valid filename in the same directory, and you should see a new image that would be the thumbnail with the name test.png

And any bugs or outputs you see on the console paste it here, we’ll solve it

After I ran the command, the icons changed to show the content. I don’t understand how it works, but as long as the result is ok, I’m happy :wink: - thank you very much.

Do you know if it is also possible on Mac OS?

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I dont have a Mac for testing and investigating. Sorry

but if anyone has information on how thumbnails work in macos it would be a start

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@jkwilborn , for dxf I developed this script (at your request), let me know if you have any questions.

If anyone knows anything about macos to help with this as well, let me know.

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Works well. Some of these 12mb files take a few to create the thumbnail… I can see it load up the cpu.

I do have one dxf file that shows a blank box but it does have a line drawing of a lion head. Works when I open it in Lightburn. Here it is, if you’re interested… I’m living much better with your thumbnailer, so this is not really anything, so, no perspiration.

lion-acrylic.dxf (780.7 KB)

This has made life so much more easy now that I can really browse through a majority of my Lightburn and a lot of the other formats…

Anything I can do to assist, please let me know. If I can figure out how to buy you a beer I will :+1:

Thanks again…


There I made 2 changes

  1. delete a log that created a file in the /tmp folder for each dxf, this should be the cause of cpu consumption, please check it
  2. Try to see the lion, change so that the lines are black, in the resulting thumbnail, if you do not want to see everything in black, you will not be able to see your beautiful lion

If you still have the git repository, go to the folder and run git pull and run the installer again with ./

Otherwise, start all over again

And if you want to see everything in color again, knowing that you won’t be able to see the lion, you just have to comment a line in the script. Ask me anything, I don’t want to make you dizzy with so much information.