Linux users - possible camera fix

On Ubuntu 18.04 I was able to get the camera working by using some gstreamer libraries from Lubuntu 16.04. I’ve put the stuff up on github but this is how you would try it from a terminal window:

sudo apt install git
git clone
cd LightBurnLibs
chmod +x ./lightburn

You should now be able to select a camera and see the image in the Camera tab.

and if you don’t have LightBurn Updater working try installing this:
sudo apt install libssl1.0-dev

Please post your results.

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This worked for me with Mint 18 & 19 but doesn’t seem to work anymore with Mint 20.1. (Ubuntu 20.04)


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Thanks for the info @Hank . I think I have a Ubuntu 20.04 ISO and will try booting my computer with it and try some things out. If it works then I’ll try downloading the Mint 20.1 iso and see if I can easily boot from that iso and test too.


You da Linux man for sure!
Thanks for all the help you bring in that dept.

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