Liscence expired

hello, my licence has expired so i am continuing on with the 30 day trial. My only concern is that it has removed my licence information and i do not know hot to retrieve it for when the option to update my licence is ready.

We can look up your key for you, though it’s best if you treat it like you would a car key or house key, and keep it in a safe place. The latest version of the software will just tell you “License Expired”, but it’s still a valid license and continue to work.

We’re working on the renewals now - you’ll be able to renew on our website relatively soon.

I tried to continue but the software would close out after hitting OK.

You still have a valid license key, and it hasn’t expired. Which version of the software are you running? You might need to re-enter your key - You have a single computer named DESKTOP-TI8LBK0 on it.

The license was sent to your email address - I’ve re-sent it just now so if you need to enter it again you can.

Thank you very much for your timely response. That is the correct computer and I will check it once I’m near it.

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