Little Help on my co2 Laser

Hey guys, i have a problem with my new 80w red and black laser. Ruida Control. When i do fill on lightburn that on the photos happen, a litle jiggle or small lines on the edges, but only on big things. Any thought?

I tried low speeds, it helped but i Will loose time and it stays the same.

Tried higher acc speeds, still the same.
No overscan option on Ruida.

Im using lightburn at 150mms normaly.

Thanks guys :+1: and sorry for my bad English.

Check the ‘advanced’ panel on your fill layer for offset adjust

Hey there, thanks for the Help. I Will try that and update.

Still the same, it reversed. Now happen on small things and not on big things. I found a topic with the same problem, but not understand the solution.

Line shift?

We are in-process, rewriting our documentation, so please excuse the dust, but this is worth review: Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

Hey guys, thanks for the Help. But the problem dont go away. !

If it is only one square its ok, but if i do 5 squares, the middle ones are bad and the sides ok.

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