Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

White tile method

2.5 watt Eleksmaker


Stucki Dither


You are having way too much fun.

I’ve also grabbed several of your source images to experiment with.

Nice work!

All my stuff is here

Nice job as ussual Jim.

Getting less and less views comments
probably last post
not worth the effort

Sorry to hear that Jim i enjoy your work and have and still am learning from you.

Not to highjack your post Jim but my father in law passed around 5 weeks ago and i have been making 4x4 tile pictures for the family and thought you may want to take a look. You got me started so you need to keep up the fine work.

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WOW! @Bulldog

I have only ever lasered wood and a few plastics for projects. I haven’t moved beyond that.

I really want to try this, but I have no idea where to begin.

Do you have any tutorials or video I can follow along?

I take about an hour every morning for tutorials, so If you all have some suggestions I’m all ears!!

Really this is amazing work!!

Jim has posted numerous ‘Nicky Norton White Tile Method’ posts in various places, including on the Created with LightBurn Facebook group. They’re worth a look.

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sorry for your loss …glad you could do something nice…looks wonderful

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Thank you …I have a LOT of stuff here…

And ALL my stuff is here

quick utube video