"live preview" or after adjust preview not working

Hello! I have the following problem: After I adjust any image for engraving and I press “ok”, nothing changes. I mean, the adjusted photo from the workspace does not change at all as it show on the preview of the adjust settings.
Lighburn Version: 1.3.01
This morning all things were ok. I changed nothing in the setting, i was just doing as always untill it happened like that…

If I press the “Preview” button it shows the preview of the engraving…but it does not help me at all…

Are you saying you expect the image on workspace to reflect the adjusted view?

As far as I know it’s never worked that way and should remain the “original” image.

Nope, after adjusting it was showing on the workspace as in the adjusting preview

In that case here’s what I think is happening.

You were previously updating the “Image Settings” on the right side of the window. Those will reflect in the workspace.

But now you’re updating the “Layer Settings” on the left side of the window. I don’t believe those settings ever affect how the workspace image shows.

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