Lizenzschlüssel (License key)

Wo bitte bekomme ich den Lizenzschlüssen nachdem ich mit Paypal bezahlt habe?

Where can I get the license key after paying with PayPal?

You should get 2 emails from LightBurn after puchase. One is the invoice and a separate email that includes the license key. Make sure it’s not going to junk mail.

Ich habe keine Rechnung und keinen Lizenzschlüssel erhalten, Auch nicht im Spamordner

I have not received an invoice or license key, not even in the spam folder

Did you get a final order confirmation when you ordered? If so, I suggest emailing with your situation.

And to confirm, you ordered from the site, correct? Not a retailer site.

ich habe auf bestellt und auch dort per Paypal bezahlt. eine Auftragsbestätigung Rechnung und Lizenzschlüssel ist nich angekommen.
Ich habe den Support bereits angeschrieben. Aber keine Antwort erhalten.

I ordered 1 from and also paid there via PayPal. an order confirmation invoice and license key have not arrived.
I have already written to support. But no answer received.

The official holiday closings won’t happen for a couple of days but they may be short-staffed for the moment. However, they are very good about addressing support emails so hang in for a little bit.

vielen Dank Ich habe noch nie eine so komplizierte Softwareaktivierung erlebt. Sehr ärgerlich .

thank you very much I have never seen software activation as complicated as this. Very annoying .

Normally the process is seamless and efficient so something must have gone wrong. I had no issue myself.

Adding @Rick and @LightBurn here for visibility.

Ich hoffe das der Support das Problem schnell löst. Die Testversion läuft ab und ich kann nicht weiterarbeiten

I hope that the support will solve the problem quickly. The trial version has expired and I cannot continue working

Danke, Problem gelöst. Mein Fehler, lag an der falschen Email Adresse.

Thank you, problem solved. My mistake was the wrong email address.

Brilliant. Glad you got it sorted.

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