LO-X7 not able to connect via USB

I have used LB with my Ruida laser with no real issues. I never really tried my LO-X7 until now that it supports USB. The find Laser option does not find any devices. I set it up manually but only get the file transfer failed pop-up. LB does not control position or file look up. LaserCad (7.43) does still connect fine and not running at the same time as LB.
DSP version

Have you used the X7 with Ethernet? It’s possible that their USB id is different than the Trocen default, so I would need to add it, but I don’t have an X7.

Do this:

  • Help > Enable debug logging
  • run the find my laser tool
  • quit
  • email me the file called LightBurnLog.txt in your documents folder. Send to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com

I might be able to get what I need from that.

Thanks for the prompt response, the log has been sent