Load and save vendor settings

Hi, I want to make a backup of my vendor settings ( Ruida RDC6442S ) but the Save option is greyed out?
Is there a way to save the vendor settings as for some reason my Ruida controller seems to be in manual mode with power.

We currently don’t support Load/Save (for all, not just Ruida) but it’s coming in a future release. Getting it wrong would be very bad so we want to be 100% sure of the functionality before it is released into the wild.
For now I recommend expanding all of the “Machine Settings” sections and taking a screenshot of each.

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Ok so to double check , I must take the photo of the screen shots in Lightburn ( Machine settings )
Not from the Ruida controller screen, dont really want to go into there .
Thanks for help so far

Yeah, from Edit > Machine Settings in LB

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You star thanks ,

I taken photos of the machine settings , hopefully I dont need to capture all those settings, it will be a ton of input . Looking forward to the next realease so we can backup the settings. Thanks

For your Ruida controller, you have the option of doing this currently using the RDWorks software that came with your laser. Do a Read and Save to save the initial settings to disk.

As @adammhaile said,

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