Location of material *.clb file

We have been using Lightburn for about 16 month’s and gradually created a materials library.

There was some confusion over licensing recently, not sure why this was asked as I thought we had a perpetual license but somewhere along the line the mat library disappeared.

A search for *.clb on the hard drive reveals nothing, I suspect that we were not saving the materials library but it was there every time we started the software until now.

Any clues about the location of the *.clb file would be appriciated.

By the way, very good work on creating the programme it is really professional.

Have you checked your recycle bin just in case it was inadvertently deleted?

Did you search your machine for that file type?

Once purchased, you can run that licensed ‘version’, but you can’t upgrade to a newer version after the expiration of your license.

Lightburn won’t delete anything in the file system that is ‘user’ generated.

Especially the Materials libraries…

Good luck


Thanks, file found, operator error in the file search.

All good now.

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