Lock tool path?

Is there any way to lock the tool path , Very painful to find out after making changes that the tool path has moved ( some how i have done this ) can we lock the tool path to the grid so it cannot be moved ? Love the software after i spent the time to start learning it . Such a useful feature must be included but i don’t know how nor does anyone on you tube.

I want to make sure I understand the question. If you’re making changes to the design how would the tool path be expected to remain the same? Wouldn’t the tool path change by definition if a change to the design were made? Unless perhaps the only change were to power.

For example , I make a grid for my rotory or even coasters , i need to move my logo ( in and out making changes ) but by mistake at some point ( not always notice ) that i have bumped the tool path position , then i move my item back into the path ( and it has moved and have to fix it ) I did see luisana hobby guy complain about the exact problem and i said ya i hate that too , he even said he hopes Jason fixes this. Useing ( he likes to use ) absolute coordinates it is to move the tool path that you want to not move on the Grid on the screen . I hope im explaining it . Would save ( if you happen to see it ) alot of go back go backs on the back button

Select a thing and right-click, you should see the ‘Lock Selected Shapes’. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, accessible on the ‘Shape Properties’ page.

And from the Main Menu.

If that works i will be So very happy and grateful for your help I will try in in about 20 min when my current job is done. OMG if it works thank you .

I hope that gets you what you need. Your use of the word “tool path” is throwing me off a bit so sounds like it might address what you’re describing but not certain.

In any case, this option basically makes the locked shapes immovable in the workspace.

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Interesting. Once he found LightBurn, @richfaraone (The Louisiana Hobby Guy) has been all over each release with a fine toothed comb, so odd - he may have missed that we added this feature back with the release of LightBurn 0.9.12, May 31, 2020. :slight_smile:

Shape Locking

Shapes can now be locked in the workspace to prevent them from being accidentally moved. You can lock from the Shape Properties, Arrange menu, or right-click. Locked shapes cannot be moved or edited without unlocking first.

So i hope your suggestion works < the blue line around the art work needs to never move , i drag many images in and out and some times need so make small changes. I have grabbed the image and some times it catches the blue ( box ) line that is my tool path and also my guide line on a very small room for forgiveness , i have had a few times it moves it by mistake and ruin a piece not noticing and having to correct it . Was not aware we could share screen shots or i would not have blathered on in text .
Thank you

It sounds like your goal is to have the blue tool layer immovable in which case the Shape Locking that Rick pointed out will do exactly what you’re looking for.

By the way, when you initially said tool path I interpreted that to mean the calculated path taken by the laser to complete the job which confused me.

If you ‘Lock’ the selection, you are no longer going to pick the locked shape and move it or change it by mistake. It is locked, so you can not take action on that shape(s) until they are unlocked and made ready for editing again.

Please explain your use of these words. What do you mean when you say your “tool path”? To me, the blue rectangles are being used as layout marks or alignment helpers. They are placed on one of the Tool Layers, which are different from the rest of the layers (marked as T1 and T2 far right in color palette).

Yes sorry the blue lines are T1 or T2 and i wanted them to be non movable. I think you have solved the problem. By the descriptions given it should do exactly what i wanted . I cannot believe how fast and helpful everyone is on this forum . Thank you all

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Yes 100% solved oh i wished i had asked before. Would have saved me so much time and good product turned into test scraps ! Wow thank you again .
If you come to Dominican republic Beers on Me !

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This was on an old version of Lightburn. I have discussed locking shapes in several videos since.

Awesome Rich! Thank you, friend. :point_up: We appreciate all your LightBurn efforts very much. :slight_smile:

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Hope to meet you at LBX!

I’ll be sending my best from afar for this one, Rich. Very disappointed, but will not be attending. I have some personal commitments which conflict, unfortunately. :disappointed: I will be wishing all the best. And I want pictures. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your attendance and contributions.

That’s too bad Rick! I was looking forward to meeting everyone, but I understand family comes first!

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