Locking a layer...revisited

I do a lot of engravings where I have a logo and I personalize with a name. I separate the logo into a box and lock it in place.
I create a second box that I use for the personalization. Then I center the text in the second box.
I have tried to lock the second box but when I move the text into it, the center function does not work. Am I missing something. I would love to be able to center items in a shape that has been locked.

9 times out of ten, if I move text into the second box and center it, the box moves around the text instead of the text centering without moving the box. Any suggestions? Am I making any sense?

The alignment functions generally use the last item selected as the anchor (the item to be aligned to), so select the text first, then the box, not the other way around. I’ll fix the code to not move locked items.

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That worked. If the locked item is selected second after the text it automatically centers… I was selecting both at the same time. Perfect. Thanks OZ…

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