Logging Laser Usage

I would like to be able to log usage based on laser on time

I have seen that this is sent to the console

@LightBurn is there an API or way of turning this on as a log file

Can I and or has anybody tried to log this to a file - if so how did you do it

Are there any other ways of accessing this information

On the hardware side we are using a MKS board running smoothieware

Running smoothieware, no. The only controllers that log actual laser on time are DSP controllers like the Ruida.

We did recently add a job log in v0.9.10 that you can enable by going to Edit > Settings > File Settings and click the “Save Job Log” check.

All this does though is log which project file was run, on which profile, and at what time. But not actual laser on time.

For gcode controllers it would probably be possible to at least update this to log how long each stream was running but that’s about it. It would be very difficult to break that down into actual laser on time vs just rapid moves. But honestly for most jobs that time wouldn’t be all that different.

I will discuss it with the rest of the team.

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I was hopeful when I saw in the console a message about job time or something similar but as you say the numbers aren’t that different - it would be great if you look further into this

When I am next at the laser I will have a look at what the save job log does

Thank You

As a result of the COVID issues we wont be spending time at our actual laser - will come back to this once BAU has resumed

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